Do you have the WorldMUN Spirit?

Welcome to the Volunteer Application Portal of the WorldMUN 2012 Vancouver Host Team!

Since the inaugurating conference in 1992 in the Polish town of Miedzyzdroje, Harvard WorldMUN has grown from a small student conference of just 300 delegates to more than 2,000 delegates today. It is now one of the largest post-secondary conferences in the world, and the largest of its kind to be hosted in Vancouver and by the University of British Columbia.

As a student conference that also moves to a new city each year, it is very well-known for its participant diversity. With delegates arriving from more than 270 universities and colleges in over 65 countries, WorldMUN distinguishes itself to also be an intercultural exchange and a celebration of international understanding. This is further enhanced by the various activities and nightly events beyond the committee session setting, to showcase not only the culture of the host region and nation, but to also provide a conduit for developing lasting friendships and networks that span borders.

Wherever WorldMUN has traveled to, whether it be scaling the longest wall in the world in China or finding a location along the banks of the great River Thames, the conference has relied on its student volunteers to deliver the event. The success of this conference year after year, every year, is largely contingent on its volunteers. Without them, WorldMUN would not be possible.

The 21st World Model United Nations Conference in Vancouver, Canada will be no exception. The Host Team at the University of British Columbia is in need of volunteers to lead and assist in all areas of WorldMUN 2012, from the staffing required to successfully deliver two dozen academic committee sessions, to the talented performers needed for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Volunteering for WorldMUN 2012 Vancouver is about being part of something extraordinary, but yet also do something that is very human - to show what can be done when people 'Come Together.' Derived from the First Nations origins of the meaning behind the name of our country, the theme of Vancouver 2012 - "Come Together, Go Beyond" - is not only apt for what we hope delegates will experience during their stay in our city, but also for what we as a Host Team of hundreds of individuals hope to achieve when we come together as one.

Are you ready to contribute to WorldMUN 2012? Are you in love with WorldMUN? Are you in love with Vancouver? Are you ready to be part of something extraordinary? Are you ready to meet new people? Are you ready for an experience-of-a-lifetime?

Altogether, this is what we call the WorldMUN Spirit for Vancouver 2012.

Do you have the WorldMUN Spirit?


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